July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

War criminals are misusing the liberal laws of the US civil court

Legal justice system needs to be upgraded before it’s too late

Wars have become an opportunity in the Middle East and Afghanistan for the illegal businessmen and criminals to obtain money through illicit means. They are smuggling drugs to obtain hard cash and maintain financial stability during a war. Alongside, some corrupt arms dealers are supplying contraband weapons to the uprising terror groups for the sake of their own profits. All efforts of the international governments to stop the illegal activities in war-prone nations have failed, but how?

Well, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran have been fighting a war against terrorism for a decade now. The economy is poor, they are vulnerable to the political interference of the neighboring countries, and the problem of corruption already exists. With all these factors working forcefully against these countries, it seems nearly impossible for them to get back to the normal.
To restore peace and stability in war-torn countries, the first thing the governments of war-prone countries will have to do is, get rid of corrupt people in business and politics. Explaining the situation by an example: Tony Abi Saab is a Lebanon business tycoon who was working for the international military forces before partially shifting towards the illegal groups, possibly ISIS and the Taliban, for the sake of a huge profit. His corrupt trade was discovered through an extensive global sting operation involving the teams of the FBI, CIA, and the Army. He was supplying contraband weapons to the illegal destination by faking the End User certificate.

Some other crimes Tony is charged with, are: Running ghost companies with name K5 Global, G2Armory, Brixia, SIMAINT, Tactica Ltd, and Bennet-Fouch; defrauding the US Army of $5 million dollars in contracts; involvement in multi-million dollars contract fraud against the US Corp. of Engineers in Afghanistan; and money laundering money obtained from the illegal business with the terrorists through his main company BME.

Tony was getting high-profile military contracts during the Syrian war. He was caught in Afghanistan while trying to bribe one of the US Corps. of Engineers who wore a wire for the FBI. He was brought to the US court to stand a trial.

The unfortunate thing is that the fraudster Tony Abi Saab moved his case to the civil court from the military court. There was no major help received by the US from Afghanistan, Syria, and Lebanon governments as Tony-sympathizers were quick to drain the evidence from these nations. It is disappointing that the legal authority has failed the efforts of the Army and the intelligence team of the US.

Tony pleaded human rights violations and torture against the CIA and the FBI. He claimed that the investigation team has tampered the evidence and modified them accordingly. Tony was released due to a technicality in the circuit court merely by paying a small sum of money as a penalty.

Marc Azani